– Synopsis –

Working away late into the night, a lone software developer dozes off and into a digital dream. A dream in which the many parts and processes of an everyday computer come to life in a bio-digital landscape. The harmony of this virtual realm begins to deteriorate as it comes under the attack of a polymorphic invader. It will fall into the hands of an intrepid, would-be adventurer to rectify the chaos that is being wrought upon his world.

– Mechanics – 

Data Dream is a 3rd person puzzle platformer and adventure game. The atmosphere of Data Dream is inspired by the architecture of real world computers and the software that runs on them, however, no actual knowledge of computers is required to play. The game is currently under development with the goal of being released late in 2019.

– Developer –

Data Dream is being created by solo indie developer, Charles De Yoe. Charles is responsible for programming, 3D modeling, audio asset creation and much, much more. He works very hard every day to make Data Dream a reality. Since you’ve made it this far, Charles can clearly see that you’re very interested in following development progress and encourages you to subscribe to email notifications!

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