Feeling a little bit like a Digital Ninja!

So! Despite all of the drama going on right now with all the Covid-19 business, I’ve been able to knock out some good work. I’m very happy to report that the final cutscene for Data Dream is done. I finished all the shots on Friday and after a little more editing, got it wrapped up and into the game on Saturday. For those of you paying attention, that means the game is pretty much done! I’ve got a “minimum viable product” on my hands now but would still like to add a bit of polish before calling it officially wrapped up.

Anywho! On Sunday, I decided to take a crack at something I’ve been somewhat hesitant to undertake. I made the decision to make a Linux build of Data Dream. (Brace yourself, there may be some technical jargon coming up here) So for this to happen, I would need to first make the Linux build with Unity, create a new depot on Steam to upload it to via Steampipe GUI, create a Virtual Machine (VM) with Hyper-V on my PC, install a Linux distro on the VM, install Steam on the Linux distro, and finally download and run the Linux build of Data Dream on the VM. That was the jist of the plan, but needless to say, there were a lot of moving parts that I’ve omitted. Perhaps you can understand why I had been reluctant to attempt such a feat. 

So I cracked a beer… I’d need my wits about me if I was to have any chance of surviving this ordeal.

Luckily my best good friend and roommate just so happens to be a Sys Admin at the local soap shop, so I wasn’t going it completely alone. I didn’t know much about VM’s but he verified my theory that I could get Linux running on one so I got to setting the VM up (My alternative had been to wipe a laptop and install the Linux distro on that. Something I didn’t want to do). 

From time to time, I was able to pry him away from his own battles (literally, Warzone (the game)…) and obtain the little nuggets of knowledge needed to climb whatever step it was that lay before me. After getting the VM up and running, I decided to go with the popular Linux distro, Ubuntu. Long story short, there were a few hiccups, but eventually I got Ubuntu installed and Steam installed on top of that. The last hurdle would be to get the new build of Data Dream up on Steam, and then back down onto the VM and see if it would run.

So I got that depot set up, I installed the game on the VM, and after hitting Play, I damn near had tears coming out of my eyes when I saw the splash screen of my game pop up. Was it running at less than a frame per second? Yes. Did I care? Not even remotely. It worked. My game was officially running on a VM using a Linux OS after successfully downloading a new Linux build from Steam. Eureka! 

Anyway, just another day on the rollercoaster. 

The ride’s not over quite yet, but we’re getting there. Thanks for checking in! Here’s a snip from the final cutscene:

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